Giuseppe Argiolas

Giuseppe Argiolas is the project manager. His main duties are financial resources, time requirements for productions and contacts with suppliers.

Giorgio Argiolas

Giorgio Argiolas is in charge of the administrative area and takes care of the technical aspects of the planning and production of the works. He supervises the assembly and welding of the components especially during the production.

Oscar Argiolas

Oscar Argiolas is specialized in the computer aided design service. The design of the works is determined with the customer in this phase. He personally follows the painting and finishing processing in the later stages.

Marcella Argiolas

Marcella Argiolas is a graduate in Economics and thanks to the work experience gained in an accounting firm in Cagliari, deals with the role of Director of Administration. Her main duties are the supervision and management of all administrative aspects of accounting and tax matters, and the study of innovative solutions to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes and relationships with customers, suppliers and banks.